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Kids Halloween Paper Craft With Templates | Fun Cut & Paste Activities | Scissors Practice Printable

Halloween Crafts

Fun Paper Crafts

Let's do some fun paper crafts for this Halloween! We have printable craft templates for making paper crowns, lanterns, origami crafts and more! You will only need scissors and some glue to make these fun crafts. They are suitable and perfect for Halloween party craft activities and classroom craft projects for young kids to practice scissor skills.

Pumpkin Crown 

Want to do some fun pumpkin crafts? Try making these cute pumpkin crowns with various decorations.  These paper crown templates are one-page printables. That means only one sheet of paper is needed to make each crown. Simply print the template on cardstock paper and build your own pumpkin crown! Check out this video to see how it is made:

Check out this Pumpkin Crown template.

Bat Crown

For more pretend play fun, check out this Bat Crown. With this template you can choose which color bat you want to build and pick a fun witch hat for it. This is a great cut and paste activity for young kids to practice fine motor and scissors skills in kindergarten and preschool. Check out how this crown is made:

Check out this Bat Crown template.

Halloween Lantern

Next we have a couple of fun designs for Halloween lanterns. Each paper lantern design has 3 colors to choose from. For more sturdy lanterns, use cardstock paper to make these lantern crafts.

For how to make the pumpkin lantern, watch this video:

Check out this Pumpkin Lantern template.

For the bat & ghost lantern, watch this video:

Check out this Bat & Ghost Lantern template.

Interested in making more paper lanterns? check out our other Paper Lantern templates

Halloween Origami Crown

Lastly we have some simple origami projects to practice paper folding skills. Choose from preset color or color-your-own templates, print them on regular white paper and make your own origami crowns Halloween style. 

Watch this video to see how to make the Halloween origami crown:

Check out this Origami Halloween Crown template.

Watch this video to see how to make the Monster origami crown:

Want to make more origami crowns? Check out more Origami templates.

FREE Halloween Bookmarks

Want some coloring fun? Download this FREE coloring template to color your own Halloween bookmarks. For teachers, this is a great classroom activity for preschool and kindergarten. For parents, this template can be printed on cardstock paper and cut into sets of 2 bookmarks and pass out to your child's classmates as small Halloween gifts. Check out this Halloween Bookmark template.

For more fun printable paper craft ideas for young kids, check out squaresunflower.com

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